Vivienne Ayala, UCDC Spring 2019

Vivienne Ayala — Economics & Demography, End Citizens United. I am a 4th Year majoring in Economics, minoring in Demography. I worked at End Citizens United — a political action committee funded by grassroots donors fighting for campaign finance reform and getting corporate money out of politics.  The biggest difference was working almost full time. Your day […]

Carmel Gutherz, UCDC Fall 2018

Carmel Gutherz, Fall 2018 – Sociology major, interned with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. While I was in DC, I put my professional skills and academic knowledge to the test while gaining new perspectives and insight from the hands-on work of my internship. I grew a stronger appreciation of the political process, and the work that goes on “behind […]

Santos Vazquez, Fall 2016 UCDC alumni, attends vice presidential debate.

Santos Vazquez (fourth from the right) and fellow UCDC classmates met with Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine at the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate. “As an incoming fall UCDC program student, Vazquez participated in an online contest through the program, which asked students to guess the vice presidential nominees in order to win a ticket […]

Interning at the Institute of Medicine

The opportunity to spend a semester in Washington D.C. allowed me to experience a city full of political activity, historical monuments, and forward thinking. As a science major in particular, participating in the UCDC program provided an invaluable chance to network with individuals who specialize in subjects that vary from my everyday academic experience. I […]