Berkeley’s UCDC Program

UC Berkeley sends a diverse cohort of undergraduate students each fall and spring semester to the UC Washington Center to work and study with students from across the UC system.  UCDC gives students the opportunity to intern in DC while remaining full-time UC Berkeley students with financial aid eligibility. Program staff work with each student and the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility and adjust the financial aid package to compensate for the additional costs expected while in Washington, D.C. 

The UCDC program offers a structured and supportive introduction to independent research, intensive attention to students’ intellectual development and writing skills in program courses, as well as exciting internships and the chance to make life-long career connections at the national level.  Students divide their weekly schedules between classes and a 3-4 day per week internship. Courses at the UC Washington Center are UC Berkeley approved and taught by faculty with expertise in a range of fields, from international politics, American government, US history, arts management, and social movements. 

“The biggest difference was working almost full time. Your day to day schedule has a lot less variation when you work around 30 hours a week, and there aren’t all the extracurricular clubs when you’re in DC that most students at Berkeley are used to. It reminded me a lot of being a freshman at Cal actually, with new roommates and navigating new surroundings.”

Vivienne Ayala, UCDC Spring 2019 alumni