Alumni: How to stay involved

Did you enjoy a great experience in DC? Share it with the Berkeley community! We consider our alumni to be ambassadors for our program when they return to campus. If you would like to get involved, please email us at:

Share stories and photos for our website

Tell us about your experiences in Washington! We want to share your stories with the UC Berkeley community. Capture an exciting moment in your internship, a meeting with a Washington personality, an amazing place you’ve been – anything that conveys the feeling of your time in DC. Shoot for 350-500 words and be sure to include at least one image with a caption. Send your reflections and photos to or fill out this form.

Help out with applicant interviews or join an alumni panel at info sessions and program orientation

Email for information on upcoming events.

Present to classes or clubs

Want to let your classmates know about the benefits of the UCDC Program? Present in your classes!

Don’t know how to ask your professor for class time to present? Don’t know what to highlight? We’ve got it covered! Just let us know what classes you are interested in presenting in and we will send you some email templates and the talking points we use to present to classes. We will also prepare handouts for you to give out to the class.

Table at a Career Fair or on Sproul Plaza

Do you prefer engaging with fellow students one-on-one? You can table at a Career Fair or on Cal Day and chat with curious peers.

Participate in a focus group

Help build the future of the UCDC Program by participating in a focus group where you share your thoughts and opinions about various aspects of the program.

Create a profile for our website

Did you have an amazing time in DC and want to tell everyone about it? Create a profile for our website. We will just ask you to answer a few questions and send a few pictures of you living and interning in DC. Then we will create a “profile” that shows off our amazing alumni and provides prospective participants with a “day in the life” glimpse of UCDC Program all-stars!

Picture of students with President JImmy Carter

More Ways to Help the UCDC Program

It is clear that the alumni of the UC Berkeley program are our most cherished resource. Alumni are both our stellar products and our most effective advocates. Who best to tell our story within and outside of the University but those who have experienced it?

A high priority therefore is to link and engage our over 1,000 alumni. We need their help in many ways.

First, those in the Berkeley area can help in our recruitment activities for subsequent semesters. We currently solicit alumni to help us interview applicants to the program and participate in our information sessions for prospective applicants. We have found this kind of alumni support to be extremely helpful.

Second, those in Washington, DC have also helped in a variety of ways. The have opened doors for internships. They have told their stories and shared their Washington expertise with current Berkeley students in Washington.

Third, we need the financial support of our alumni no matter where they are. While we do realize that most of our alumni are just beginning careers and cannot make major gifts, every dollar counts. Currently, our biggest challenge is to make sure that sufficient financial aid is available to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent some students from coming to Washington.

GIVE TO CAL and the UCDC Program

To achieve all these goals, we need the support of our alumni. So click here and tell us where you are, volunteer to help in Berkeley or Washington and send us news we can ultimately convey to those who have shared your Washington Experience. You can also send us a photo which we will include in our scrapbook below.

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