Ava Mehta ( UCDC Spring 2014 class), a Political Science major, interned at Cuneo, Gilbert, and La Duca LLP,  a private law firm in Washington, D.C. She successfully completed that internship, then landed a summer internship with the Department of Justice. Her parents, Meher and Khush Mehta, recognized the UCDC Program by donating $5,000 to assist students with financial need. What's more, Siemens, Mr. Mehta's employer, matched the gift, doubling the amount that will assist Cal students in the future.

Here's what The Mehtas wrote about their gift:

"UCDC was undoubtedly one of the most formative experiences of Ava’s time at UC Berkeley. The program is both enriching and educational, providing students with the opportunity to learn, intern, and conduct research in the nation’s capital. We are confident that the skills, network, and friendships Ava developed while in the UCDC program will remain with her well after her time at Berkeley is complete." – Meher and Khush Mehta