UCDC:  The UC Washington Program 

The University of California extends its mission of service, teaching and research to the nation's capital. The UC Washington Program is a multi-campus residential, instructional and research center that provides students and faculty from the University of California opportunities to study, research, work, and live within Washington's rich cultural, political and international heritage. The program is housed in an 11-story building in a lively neighborhood a short walk from the White House with room for more than 270 students.

Participating Academic Programs

Students from the campuses below as well as some other campuses are eligible to spend a term in residence at the Center working and studying in the Washington DC metropolitan area. As interns with Congress, the White House, cabinet agencies, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, scientific laboratories, and the news media, students gain firsthand exposure to the American political process while attaining valuable work experience. Students take courses at the Center to fulfill the academic component for their campus. Many write and present comprehensive research papers based in part on their internship experiences.

Participating UC Campuses