Spring 2016

Placement Major

House Democratic Caucus

Sociology, Minor in Public Policy
Middle East Institute Political Economy
Representative Jeff Denham Political Science
Center for American Progress (Lawrence Korb) Political Science
U.S. Department of Education: Office of Congressional & Legislative Affairs (Congressional Liaison) American Studies
Representative Barbara Lee Political Science
Representative Susan Davis Psychology and Social Welfare
U.S. Trade Representative, Office of the Ambassador Political Science
Brookings Institution: Governance Studies Political Science

Brookings Institution (Center for Effective Public Management, within Governance Studies Program)

Political Science, Public Policy,  and Chicano Studies

Middle East Institute

Political Science

Alliance for Health Reform Public Health and Legal Studies
Humane Society - Legislative Affairs English
Georgetown School of Medicine - Office of Inclusion and Diversity Ethnic Studies
Clarity Campaigns Political Science
Justice Policy Institute Ethnic Studies
HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive) Public Health
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Public Health
Council on Foreign Relations Political Science and Media Studies
U.S. Department of Education - Communications and Outreach Sociology
U.S. Department of Justice (ENRD) Development Studies
National Organization for Women (NOW) Social Welfare, Minor in Disability Studies
LA Mayor's Federal Liaison Office Social Welfare
United Nations Foundation (Family Planning 2020 intern) Public Health
Institute for Education Leadership: National Education Association Social Welfare, Minor in Education
Leading Educators Ethnic Studies
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) Ethnic Studies
Child Advocacy and Women's Rights International Gender and Women Studies
Brooking Institution - Center for Effective Public Management Political Science
CARACEN D.C. Community Services History and Legal Studies
U.S. Office of Federal Government Relations Political Science


Fall 2015

Placement Major

The White House (Office of Public Engagement)

Political Science 

Brookings Insitution (Digital Media)

Political Economy and Political Science 

Housing and Urban Development – White House Liaison Office

Peace and Conflict Studies 

Safer Chemicals – Healthy Families

Society & Environment 

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

Political Science and Media Studies 

Cold War History Project –(WWICS) Woodrow Wilson Center

National Museum of American History – MOOC

American Studies 

Department of Justice (Disability Rights Section) Social Welfare 
The White House Political Science 
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law

 Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies 

U.S. Department of State (Western Hemisphere Affairs Bureau; Department of Public Diplomacy)

Political Science 

The League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC)


Center of Budget and Policy Priorities for the Federal Legislative Affairs Department

Legal Studies 

Supreme Court

Legal Studies, Minor in Near Eastern Studies 

NBC News (with reporter Andrea Mitchell)

Political Science and Media Studies, Minor in Spanish 

Senator Barbara Boxer’s office

National Portrait Gallery


The National Parks Conservation Association

Environmental Studies 
White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanics

Political Science 

Office of the Solicitor General


U.S. Department of State South Asian Studies 
Democratic National Committee Political Science and Media Studies 
ABC News

Peace & Conflicts Studies 

Obesity Institute IDEAL clinic Public Health 
Senate HELP Sociology 
 U.S. AID Political Science and Global Poverty & Practice 

Spring 2014

Placement Major
The Committee on Homeland Security Political Science
Congressman Alan Lowenthal Political Science
Center for American Progress (CAP) Political Science
The Department of Justice (Office on Violence Against Women) Rhetoric
United Nations Information Center Anthropology and Media Studies
The Middle East Institute History
The Carmen Group Public Policy and International Relations
U.S. Supreme Court Political Science and English
House Democratic Caucus (Rep. Becerra's office) Ethnic Studies and Political Science
Committee on Education and the Workforce (George Miller) Chicano Studies
Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca LLP Political Science
Center for American Progress (CAP) Economics and Political Science
Rep. Swalwell's Office Economics and Political Science
Innovative Federal Strategies Lobbying Firm Political Science
Embassy of El Salvador Political Science
Council of Economic Advisors Economics
Patton & Boggs (lobbying firm) Political Science
White House's Asian American and Pacific Islander internship Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies
Community Affairs Board of Govenors of the Federal Reserve System Political Economy
National Hispanic Medical Association Social Welfare, Ethnic Studies, and Education
National Education Association (NEA) Rhetoric and African American Studies
U.S. - Taiwan Business Council Political Economy
World Bank (Dr. Sole Martinez-Peira) Media Studies and Economics
Senate Committee on Energy & Commerce Conservation Resource Studies and Public Policy

Fall 2013

Placement Major
Supreme Court Ethnic Studies
UNHCR's Caribbean Protection Unit Peace & Conflict Studies
Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Political Science
APHA Public Health
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Social Welfare
The White House Urban Studies
DCCC Political Science and Media Studies
Representative Karen Bass Sociology
U.S. Department of Justice (Voter Rights Division) Social Welfare and African American Studies Minor
U.S. Department of State Rhetoric
AidGrade and National Geographic Economics
Rep. Tom McClintock II Political Science
Center for American Progress (CAP) Political Science
The Raben Group Political Science
EAP (Pesticide Project) Political Science and Geography
Congressional Management Foundation Political Science
The White House (Correspondence Office) Latin American Studies
U.S. Department of Education (Office of Safe and Healthy Students) Political Science and Media Studies
Penn Hill Group Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Voter Rights Division) Political Science
U.S. Department of State Economics
Senator Barbara Boxer's Office Political Science
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Political Science and Chicano Studies
C-Span Political Science
Senator Barbara Boxers Office Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Disability Rights Section) Political Science
NAACP American Studies
Smithsonian's Asian Pacific American Center Political Science and South Asian Studies

Spring 2013

Placement Major
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Social Welfare
American Psychological Association (LGBT Concerns Office) Psychology
OtherWords Peace & Conflict Studies and History
Boeing Learning Center @ the National Archives - History
Middle East Institute Near Eastern Studies
Farmworker Justice Anthropology and Spanish
United Nations Info Center Spanish & Portuguese
Fellowship Department at the Truman National Security Project History
Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Voting Section) Political Science and History
N.E.A. Chicano Studies and Spanish
Center for Community Change (New Media Internship) Media Studies
Center fro American Progress (CAP) India Project Political Science
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) Development Studies
Woodrow Wilson Center Political Science and History
Franklin Square Group Political Science and English
ABC Politics.com Political Science and Public Policy
Office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sociology and Media Studies
U.S. Department Of Education (Office of Special Ed Programs) Political Science
United Nations Info Center Political Science
House Committee on Energy & Commerce Political Science

Fall 2012

Placement Major
Chronicle of Higher Education (pd. $500/wk., F/T) English
U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (SAFE Program) Sociology
American Public Health Association Geography
Center for American Progress (Immigration Project) Peace & Conflict Studies 
Zero to Three (weekly travel stipend offered) Psychology and Poliitical Science
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Social Welfare
World Affairs Council Political Science
Institute for Policy Studies (Other Words Project) English and Public Policy Minor
Public Citizen (Democracy for All Campaign) ISF and Philosophy
Xavier Becerra Leadership Office Internship.I will be working with the Democratic Caucus Political Science
Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Political Science
Rep. Adam Schiff Political Science
Sierra Club (Press Office) Peace & Conflict Studies
World Affairs Council Political Economics
Political Development Group American Studies
U.S. Department of Justice (with Jennifer Sultan) Political Science
Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) Cities for Progress Anthropology
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Public Policy and Intergovernmental Section Innovation Internship Program Political Science
Georgetown University Law Center, Criminal Justice Clinic Political Science
George Miller's Subommitte on Education & the Workforce Political Science
National Journal Center (NJC) History
World Bank (Global Tiger Initiative) Anthropology
Washington Office on Latin America Political Science and Ethnic Studies
Human Rights Watch (Operations Department) Political Science
EMILY's List Economics and Rhetoric
U.S. Department of Education (Press Office) Political Science and English

Spring 2012

Placement Major
CA News Servcie Media Studies and PAC Studies
U.S. Department of Education (Matt Case's office) Political Science
U.S. Government Accountability Office (International Affiars) Political Science
NPR (Weekend Edition" show) Political Science and History
Smithsonian's Archives History of Art
National Geographic (Home Entertainment Division) Media Studies
Disability Rights, Education, & Defense Fund (DREDF) Political Economics and African American Studies
National Cooperative Business Association Political Science and Chinese
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Rhetoric/Social Welfare
House Committee on Foreign Affairs Political Science
Senator Feinstein's office Rhetoric and Legal Studies
Revolution Media Political Science (Interationall Affairs)
Inter-American Dialogue Political Science
Robt. F. Kennedy Center Political Science
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Business Administration and Political Science
Brookings Institution (Brown Center On Education Policy) Political Economics
Voice of America (Korea Program) Development Studies
CSIS Geography
Congressman Adam Schiff Political Science
House Judiciary Democrats Political Science
Library of Congress (Music Division) History
Rep. Karen Bass Political Science
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services American Studies
U.S. Department of State Political Science and Rhetoric
U.S Department of Justice Political Science
W.H. Council on Environmental Quality (Legislative Affairs Office ) Society & Environment and Political Science
Sierra Club - Beyond Oil Campaign Physics
National Family Farm Coalition, Society & Environment
Congresswoman Dana Rohrbacher History and Political Science
Senator Barbara Boxer's office Political Science
Pakestani Embassy Political Economy

Fall 2011

Placement Major
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Political Science
Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Political Science (pre-med)
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) History and English
Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) Cities for Progress Project Sociology
Washington Office on Latin America Political Science (International Relations)
American College Personnel Association Sociology
Senator Barbara Boxer's office Political Science
Rep. Al Franken's office Social Welfare
Senator Barbara Boxer's office Political Science
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Latin American Studies
National Education Association (NEA) Rhetoric
Organization of American States (OAS) Latin American Studies
Congresswoman Judy Chu Political Science
Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum Public Health
House Committee on Foreign Affairs Political Science
White House Council on Enivornmental Quality Political Science and Society and Environment
U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Sustainability Performance Office Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Intergov't Relations and Public Affairs) Political Science
Rep. Karen Bass Political Science
U.S. Department of State Political Science and Rhetoric
Public Citizens' Health Research Group Anthropology
Rep. Howard Berman Political Science and Economics
Washington Partners Media Studies and Rhetoric
Latin American Working Group ISF (Chicano Studies)
Council of Economic Advisers Political Economy

Spring 2011

Placement Major
The Smithsonian (Education Outreach Department) Social Welfare and Public Policy Minor
Progressive Policy Institute Political Science
Women for Women Interdisciplinary Field Studies
National Geographic Society Environmental Economics and Policy
Minority Business Development Agency Political Economy
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development Political Science
Senator McCarthy Political Science
Peace Corps (Press Office) Political Economy
RESULTS Development Studies and Environmental Economics and Policy
Overseas Private Investment Company (OPIC) Business Administration and Political Economy
E.P.A. History
Congresswoman Laura Richardson Rhetoric
U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees English and Interdisciplinary Field Studies
Congressman Eshoo's office (CA- Dist. 14) Political Economy
U.S. Department of Justice (Environmental & Natural Resources Department, Law & Policy Section) Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies Minor
Congressman George Miller's office (Labor, Education & Legis. Committee) Political Science
Congressman Raul M. Grijalva Molecular Biology
Association of American Universities (AAU) Political Science
Farmworkers Justice Ethnic Studies and Political Economies
Congressman Ed Royce Political Science and Business Administration
California News Service Comparative Literature
American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Political Science aand Pre-Dentistry
White House Council of Economic Advisors Political Science and Economics
IMPACT Center Ethnic Studies
Organization of American States (OAS) Political Science
U.S. Department of State Political Science 

Fall 2010

Placement Major
National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Public Health and Political Science
Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Political Science and Ehtnic Studies Minor
Brookings Institution (Metropolitan Policy Institute) EEP andCity Planning
Congressman John Garamendi Political Economy and Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature
Center for Law and Social Policy Ethnic Studies
Sidley Austin Law Firm African American Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
Center for American Progress (CAP) Political Science
Fair Trade Federation Political Economy
U.S. Department of Justice (Environ. & Nat'l Resources Division) Business Administration
Congresswoman Norton Political Science
Amnesty International Political Science and Media Studies
Senator Barbara Boxer English
American Bar Association (Section of International Law) Political Science
The Christian Science Monitor English
Woodrow Wilson Center Peace and Conflict Studies
Gay & Leadership Insitute History and Political Science
CBS News (Investigative Unit) Media Studies
N.E.A. American Studies: Education
U.S. Department of the Treasury (Office of Consumer Protection) Political Science
Trans-Africa Forum Political Science
Congresswoman Linda Sanhcez's office Political Science
Genetic Alliance Molecular and Cell Biology - Genetics and Psychology
Washington Partners, LLC, Political Science
Asia America Initiative (AAI) Political Science
White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans Social Welfare
 National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Public Health and Psychology

Spring 2010

Placement Research Paper Major
CNN The 1920s Anti-Lynching Plays of Georgia Douglas Johnson History
The White House - Communications A Great Cloud of Atomic Fire: Language and Framing and Their Role in the Manhattan Project American Studies
AALACC (American Association of Latin American Chamber of Commerce) The Missing Piece: The Role of Human Capital in Capturing FDI Spillovers Economics
The Asia Foundation Century’s Dilemma: Nonproliferation or Advanced Nuclear Energy? Political Science
Senator Dianne Feinstein Grover Cleveland and Presidential Power: How Party Controlled the Political Process in the Gilded Age History
Office of Congressman Alcee Hasting   Sociology
U.S. Department of State (Bureau of EAP Affairs, Office of Economic Policy) The China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Economic Success or Stagnation for Indonesia? Political Economies
CA News Service Journalism’s Revolution: The Decline of Mainstream Media and the Future of Professional Journalism History
Senate Comm. On Foreign Relations 21st Century Renaissance: Short and Long Term Sustainability in Post-Earthquake Haiti International Relations
My Sister's Place   Economics
Senator Dianne Feinstein American Foreign Policy: The Battle Between the President and Congress Political Science
American Academy of Diplomacy How Moody, Standard & Poor, and Fitch Brought Capitalism to its Knees Business Administration
Congresswoman Napolitano Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Age of Obama: A Legislative Analysis Political Science
Senator Harry Reid Mexican Drug Cartels: A Problem Bigger Than Drug Policy Political Economies
U.S. Department of Education, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans The Overarching Issue for Hispanic American in Education Sociology
White House Council on Environment Quality Green Warriors: The United States Military Takes on Climate Change Political Economies
Institute for Policy Studies Resource Curse: Elites, Oil and Power in Nigeria Political Science
Fair Trade Federation Fair Trade in the United States: Why are We So Behind? Development Studies
Akerman Senterfitt (consulting firm) Closing the Achievement Gap: Charter Schools and New Paternalism Political Science
Korean Economic Institute The Representation of the Auto Industry in Congress Economics
Atlantic Council Russo-Kazakh Energy Relations in the Post-Soviet Era: Bringing Energy Into Foreign Policy Analysis International Relations
Federal Reserve Board Bank Size and Risk Economics

Fall 2009

Placement Research Paper Major
California News Service The Least Dangerous Branch: Why We Should Scrap Judicial Self-Restraint. Biological Science
The National Opera Advertising and the Construction of Consumption of the Idealized Female Beauty. Mass Communications
President's Council of Economic Advisers - Executive Office of the President A Comparative Analysis of State Healthcare System Performance: Implications for National Reform. Economics
The Peace Corps & Embassy of Afghanistan Resurgence of Keynesianism: The Pendulum of Economic Regulation. Political Econ of Ind Societies
Interaction The Millennium Challenge Corporation: Historical and Theoretical Roots. Development Studies
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars The Market for National Security: The Rise of Private Military Companies and the Problems of Accountability and Oversight. History & Poli Sci
Free Minds Narrating Washington, D.C. from the Margins: Urban and Cultural Differences. Interdisciplinary Studies
House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming Politically Correct Science: White House Manipulation of Climate Science During the Bush Administration and Its Impact on Domestic Policy Political Science
Senator Boxer's Press Office The Remnants of Sexism are Alive and Well: Media Bias and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Primary Campaign. Mass Communications
Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division Executive Action: An Alternative Roadmap to Ending Sexual Orientation Discrimination. Linguistics
Advanced Network Strategies Legislative Corruption or Honest PAC Incentives? An Analysis of Motivations Behind Contributions of Large PACS to the House of Representatives. Economics
The Roosevelt Institute Language and Politics: How Barack Obama Used Words to Dominate the 2008 Presidential Election. Poli Sci and Mass Comm
Senator Roy Wyden's Office Panarchy, Convergence and Adaptive Capacity: Rethinking the Business Cycle as an Ecological System. Interdisciplinary Studies
Education Sector Effective Teaching: Creating Teacher Evaluations to Improve Teaching. Political Economy
Smithsonian-Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage Biscuits and Identity: African American Foodways and Their Significance in Reinforcing Cultural History. Political Science
Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division The Effects of Economic Inequality on the Economy. Near Eastern Studies
American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights (AAPER) Foundation Politicized Education: The Nakbah Narrative in Palestinian Schools in Israel. History
Office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi The Animal Welfare Act of 1966: The ‘Dognapping’ Law. Middle Eastern Studies
Molly Allen Associates A Broken Defense Acquisition Process: A Comparative Study of Reform Initiatives from 1986-2006. Political Science & American Studies
U.S. Department of State (African Affairs Bureau) Ending World Hunger: Te Promise and Pitfalls of a Second Green Revolution Political Science
Initiative for Global Development Development Gravity: Have African Regional Trade Agreements Failed? Development Studies
Dezenhall Resources The European Union and the North American Free Trade Agreement: Similarities and Differences in Conflict Resolution Architecture
Congressman George Miller's office. High Fee, High Aid Model: Does Financial Aid Counter the Effects of Rising Tuition on African American and Latino Student Enrollments at UCs and CSUs? Political Science
White House's Council for Environmental Quality Creating Green-Collar Jobs: Comparing Strategies for Ensuring Job Quality in the Emerging Green Economy Psychology
American Bar Association (Domestic Violence Program in Criminal Justice Section) Juvenile Injustice: Juvenile Collateral Consequences in the States of Vermont, California and Massachusetts Political Science
The White House (Office of the Press) Effective Presidential Communication: A Comparative Analysis of Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats and Obama’s Weekly Addresses Political Science
Georgetown Law Investigative Internship Sobering Up: Engineering the War on Drugs and Rational Self-Interest Mass Communications
Center for American Progress A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Undemocratic Direct Democracy in California International Relations

Spring 2009

Placement Research Paper Major
Center for Strategic & International Studies Pressing the Reset button in Relations Between Russia & the West Economics
National Education Association The Charter School Movement: Instrument to Re-segregate America’s Public Schools PEIS
National Association of Community Health Centers Risky Delivery: An Examination of Determinants of Maternal Mortality Among Rural Women in India Public Health
House Energy & Commerce Committee Nuclear Power & Public Perception: A Historical Perspective History
AIDS Institute Thirty Years Later: Analyzing HIV/AIDS Disparities Social Welfare
Office of Representative Doris Matsui World Cup 2010: The Socio-Economic Impacts on the South African Community PEIS
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) The elusive Dwelling: Displacing Chronically Homeless Individuals from Franklin School Shelter Sociology
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Borders to Cross: Language Access, Cultural Competency, and Juvenile Justice Reform Ethnic Studies
Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein The Dropout Impact Political Science
Office of Representative Grace Napolitano The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009: Impact on Latino Children Business Administration
Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein Foreign Aid of the United States: Goals Authorization, Trends & Analysis History and Political Science
Competitive Enterprise Institute Differences Between Think Tanks & Lobbyists & the Market Demand for Both Political Science and Legal Studies
U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Owned Enterprises: The Future of Economics
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Creating Transparency: China’s Response to Environmental Degradation Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Pent-Up Expectations: The First 100 Days of a Bureaucratic Transition Political Science
Center for American Progress The American Presidency: Power Through Economic Legislation Political Science and Economics
The World Bank Make it Cheaper to Transfer Money Back Home: Remittances Cost in China & India Business Administration
Office of Senator Christopher Dodd The SEC: Investigation the Bernard Madoff Case Legal Studies
Office of Representative George Radanovich New Way forward: Crafting the Most Effective Stimulus Package for the Current Crisis Economics History
Embassy of Afghanistan Failing Afghanistan: The Lack of Reconstruction & Stabilization Planning PEIS and NE Studies
Office of Representative Zoe Lofgren Legislative Approaches to the Separation of UC Citizen Children from Their Immigrant Parents: The Need for Immigration Reform Asian American and Ethnic Studies
Department of Health & Human Services HIV/AIDS and Incarcerated Women in the 21st Century Public Health
Office of Representative Mike Honda Bipartisanship in the 21st Century Political Science and Theater
House Committee on Education & the Work Force An Analysis of California’s Proposition 13 Political Science and Ethnic Studies
The Trust for Public Land Forever, For Now: Building Conservation Easements that Last for an Eternity American Conservation & Resources Studies
DC Attorney General’s Office / Juvenile Section of Public Safety Division   Psychology and African American Studies
Office of Representative Pete Stark Cover the Children: Congressional Politics of the Children’s Health Insurance Program Political Science
Michael Steele Campaign for RNC Chair Guantanamo Bay: Is The U.S. on the Right Course? Political Science
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Embeddedness & Financial Crisis Economics and Legal Studies

Fall 2008

Placement Research Paper Major
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) Crawford v. Metropolitan County of Nashville and Davidson County: Title VII at the Crossroads Policial Science and Legal Studies
CBS News Is No News Good News? The Formulation of Ethnocentric Biases Within U.S. News Media Peace & Conflict Studies
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Post 9/11 Nativists:Taking a Closer Look Into the Minuteman Projects ‘Success’ Mass Communications and Public Policy
Center for Education Reform Assessing No Child Left Behind: The College Retention Perspective Political Science
U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Rights Division) An Examination of Immigration Program 287(g): Effects of Employing Resources and Efforts of Law Enforcement Agencies Political Science
Woodrow Wilson Center - Peace Alliance Complex Interdependence and the Energy Security Dilemma Peace & Conflict Studies
Environmental Defense Fund The World Bank: Contradictions in Rhetoric and Practice Development Studies
The Urban Institute Public Housing Triumphs in Singapore: Can the United States Benefit? Interdisciplinary studies
Democratic National Committee The 50 State Strategy: Pathway to Democratic Success in the 21st Century Political Science
ACLU Crossing Over: Border Depictions in New Global Cinema Rhetoric
Dewey Square Group Democracy Inc.: Manufacturing Grassroots Movements in Corporate America Political Science amd Gender & Women Studies
U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Diplomacy and Development Hit the Backburner: Defense Prevails in the War on Terror Development Studies and Political Science
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee The Case for Moderates: The 88th Congress and the Civil Rights Act Political Science and Mass Communications
Office of Senator Russ Feingold The Future of Network Neutrality Political Science
ABA The Power to Change: Efficacy of the ABA’’s Implementation of Death Penalty Moratoriums in Pennsylvania and Tennessee Legal Studies
Amnesty International Malaysia: Abusing Counterterrorism PEIS
Brookings Institution, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies (CNAPS) Olympic Politics: Comparing Seoul 1998 to Beijing 2008 Political Science and Asian Studies
Smithsonian Institution Case Studies in Museum Education Programming Anthropology
Advanced Network Strategies Political Action Committee Contributions: Strategic Beliefs and Organizational Variables Political Science
U.S. Department of Treasury (Office of Debt Management) Deregulatory Failures and Economic Crises: Case Studies of the S & L Debacle and the Subprime Crisis Political Science, Economics, and Spanish
Office of Representative Lynn Woolsey The Politics of Ambition: Lincoln and Obama in the Legislative Branch History
HALT Judicial Self-Regulation: A Case Study of the California Commission on Judicial Performance Political Science
Office of Representative Barbara Lee Restricted Access to Health Care: Examining UC’s Student Health Programs Sociology and Public Policy
CNN TV News Documentary: Analysis of Documentary Format in America’s Major Cable Networks Mass Communications and Psycology
U.S. Department of State The Next Step for Peacekeeping Operations: Towards Indigenous Traditions Peace & Conflict Studies
American Enterprise Institute Containing the Bear: NATO & Russia After 9/11 PEIS
Health & Medicine - Center for the Study of the Presidency A Call for Open Dialogue: Drawing Lessons from the Failure of the Health Security Act of 1993 Molecular & Cell Biology
People for the American Way Cruel and Unusual Punishment at Guantanamo Bay: Exploring New Paths of Argumentation and Anti-Terror Litigation Political Science

Spring 2008

Placement Research Paper Major
National Association Of Community Health Centers Congressional Rhetoric on Health Care Reform History
The Fund For Peace Getting from Here to There: Japan & Canada’s Divergent Human Security Agendas Political Science
C-Span C-Span: How the Network Defines & Implements its Goals Mass Communications
Institute Of Medicine Federal Agenda for Comparative Effectiveness Research: Kingdon’s Explanations Political Science
Center For The Study Of The Presidency Has the Media’s Attention on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic Affected the Policy Agenda? Political Science
The Cato Institute Policing the Police -An Analysis of the DC & Chicago Police Departments’ Accountability Deficit Political Science
Select Committee On Global Warming & Energy Cap & Trade in Carbon Intensive Industry. The European Cement & Steal Industry Case Study Political Science
United States Committee For United Nations Development Contrasting Approaches to Combating HIV/AIDS in Thailand & Uganda: Lessons from Different Success Stories Political Science
Hudson Institute The Nuclear Renaissance will not be Forthcoming PEIS
Brookings Institution FEMA, Failure, &And Katrina: A Public Choice Analysis Political Science
Woodrow Wilson International Center What Creates & Sustains Democracy in a Non-Western Context? The Role of Local Scholars & the Local Press in the Case of Hong Kong Political Science
Food & Water Watch Argentina In 1989: A Historical Study on Policy Choice History
One World Us Embracing Interaction as an Integral Part of Social Media Communications & Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Groups: 10 Case Studies Examining the Use of Interactive Applications on Facebook Pages Political Science
International Business-Government Relations Drug Wars: A New Genre, An Assessment of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Campaign Against Brazilian & Thai Compulsory Licensing Political Science
The Brookings Institution In Justice(S) We Trust God? Analyzing the Supreme Court’s Treatment of the Two Religion Clauses in the First Amendment Political Science
Amnesty International Border Walls: Motivations, Justifications & Discourse Analysis Political Science
World Affairs Council Shaping National Security Political Science
Center For American Progress - Faith & Progressive Policy A Moral Discourse: Civil Rights Movement Rhetoric, Environmental Concern and the Mobilization of Religious Influence Peace & Conflict Studies
Center For American Progress Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration: Building Foundations for Post Conflict Reconciliation Political Science
Citizens' Commission On Civil Rights The Future of the Federal Government in Public Education Political Science
Center For American Progress - National Security Team China’s Global Oil Strategy - Integration With, or Challenge to, the World Order PEIS
American Enterprise Institute-Foreign & Defense Policy, Russian Studies A Foregone Conclusion: Ria Novosti & the Selection of Dmitry Medvedev Political Science
U.S. Department Of Justice (Disability Rights) Disaster, Despair, & the Disabled - Evaluating the Effects of Hurricane Katrina on People with Disabilities Sociology
American Diabetes Association Investigating the Lack of Funding for Federal Diabetes Prevention Efforts Public Health Policy
Global Health Council Analysis of the Tuberculosis and HIV Co-Epidemic in South Africa Interdisciplinary Field Studies