Internships are the core of the Berkeley Washington Program. Typically three to four days per week, this experience not only involves the majority of the students' time but also helps define and enrich the academic components of the program.

Internships are a three-way partnership among the student, the sponsoring organization, and the Berkeley Washington Program. Students investigate and propose potential organizations for their internship as part of their application to the Berkeley Washington Program.  Once accepted into the UCDC program, students will work closely with staff here at Berkeley and at the Washington Center to land an internship in DC.

UCDC, both in Berkeley and DC, seeks to identify and support students in obtaining placements that fit each student's interests. Is it possible to apply for an internship even before being accepted in the Program? Yes. However, securing an internship does not assure acceptance to the program and once accepted, students who have been offered an internship must obtain approval from the Program before accepting any internship offer.

Are you required to apply for one or more internships before being accepted into the Program? The short answer is no: you are not required to apply for an internship before submitting an application to the Program. However, if you want to intern at the State Department, Department of Defense, or any of the few other government departments where a multi-month security clearance is required, the answer is yes, you do need to apply even before being accepted into the program. The application deadline for Spring Semester State Department internships, for example, is the previous July 1st, while the deadline for Fall Semester internships is the previous March 1.

For more information, read about internships on the UCDC Washington Center's page: and check out recent internship placements of Berkeley UCDC students.